Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

Dr. Azra Ashraf guides her clients’ thorough wide range of exclusive nonsurgical procedures and helps them to come out of their lengthy beauty regimen.

Stress and daily sun exposure can make skin dry and tired. The normal aging process can also have the same effects and results in wrinkles and fine lines. Factors such as smoking and genetics can also accelerate the natural aging process that causes premature skin aging. The elasticity of the tissue declines with age and make a face look sunken and hollow.

Those seeking out facial rejuvenation should seek out board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashraf. She is specialized in offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments to her clients and helping them to take excellent care of their skin. Injectables, peels, and other skincare treatments reduce wrinkles & fine lines and clear the visible signs of aging. In this way, she helps her clients to achieve a young and aesthetically pleasing look.

Non-Surgical Procedures

As a renowned cosmetic specialist, Dr. Azra Ashraf offers a full spectrum of non-surgical aesthetic procedures that radically improve the appearance of the skin. Through Botox treatment, she erases wrinkles and creates a more youthful appearance. In addition, she also offers fillers to her clients.

Similar to Botox, dermal filler is also a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that Dr. Ashraf offers. Through this cosmetic dermatological procedure, she reduces the visible signs of the facial lines and wrinkles that result in restoring a youthful look.

She also offers noninvasive skin treatment to treat conditions such as skin scarring, discolorations, and wrinkles through TCA peel. The trichloroacetic acid or TCA works in removing dead skin cells. In this way, younger, smoother skin is revealed.

Ashraf Plastic Surgery carries medical-grade skincare products that are ideally customized to address all the skincare needs of the patients. So you can also buy premium skincare products at an affordable price to maintain the beautiful skin.

Why Choose Ashraf Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ashraf is committed to bringing top-notch non-surgical aesthetic treatments and medical-grade skin care products to her clients. She has the highest standards of expertise and knowledge that allow her to deliver the best possible results to her patients. For any questions regarding non-surgical aesthetic treatments or skincare products, feel free to call us at 703-832-4000 / 301-232-3000 or book your appointment online.