Through rhinoplasty board-certified surgeon Dr. Ashraf changes the shape and improves its proportions. She also treats nasal asymmetry.
Rhinoplasty - Azra Ashraf

Avail Efficient Nose Surgery and Improve Your Facial Harmony

Rhinoplasty helps in changing the shape of the nose. It also involves reshaping the cartilage and the bony framework of the nose in order to change its overall appearance. Getting rhinoplasty from board-certified surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf helps patients achieve the following goals:

  • remove the bump on the bridge of the nose
  • reduce or increase the size of the nose
  • change the shape of the tip of the nose
  • narrow the span between nostrils

Whether it’s from trauma, functional breathing concerns or aesthetic reasons, Dr. Ashraf, a reliable rhinoplasty surgeon, counsels her patients on expectations and natural results. She has been offering outstanding results to patients in Woodbridge, Alexandria & Fairfax VA and Rockville & Chevy Chase MD.

“Nose Job “– What to Expect

Rhinoplasty usually takes one to two hours. This surgery is routinely performed as an outpatient, and any post-operative pain is readily treated with oral analgesics. Patients might experience temporary swelling and slight bruising.

In most of the cases, the final outcome is apparent after several weeks; the nose will continue to improve as it undergoes some slight refinements over the subsequent months as swelling subsides. The results of the surgery offered by rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Azra Ashraf in Woodbridge, Alexandria & Fairfax VA and Rockville & Chevy Chase MD last permanently. Patients have been satisfied with their natural-appearing results.


Recovery post-surgery happens quickly, and most of the patients are allowed to get back to their regular schedule within one to three weeks post-surgery. Experienced rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ashraf recommends her patients to wear a plastic splint for next 7-12 days. Most of the swelling part will subside within two weeks of surgery, but it might take up to six months to settle with the new shape of the nose.

Dr. Azra Ashraf is a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in a wide range of plastic surgery techniques offering services in Woodbridge, Alexandria & Fairfax VA and Rockville & Chevy Chase MD. Her advanced skill-set and expertise helps patients achieve their rhinoplasty goals without the need for revisions.

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