Dermal Fillers

Look younger and refreshed! Through this non-surgical dermal fillers, Dr. Ashraf rejuvenates the facial appearance of her clients and helps them to look younger.
Dermal Fillers- Dr Azra Ashraf

Achieve your youthful and refreshed look through non-invasive fillers

Filler treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure which is used to minimize the appearance of wrinkles as well as the other facial lines. This is an excellent treatment option for those who not only want to eliminate the signs of aging but don’t want to undergo any form of invasive treatments such as a traditional facelift.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashraf is specialized in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She offers dermal fillers in Alexandria, VA, Woodbridge, and in Fairfax and helps her patients to eliminate wrinkles and obtain refreshed and natural results.

About the Process

As people age, their face tends to start losing subcutaneous fat. Because the face has lost the buffering effects of the subcutaneous tissue, facial muscle animation becomes more superficial, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Factors such as lifestyle, sun exposure, and heredity also contribute to facial aging.

People from Alexandria, VA, Fairfax, and Woodbridge who are experiencing wrinkles, fine lines, furrowed skin, or pitted scars should consider visiting Ashraf Plastic Surgery for dermal fillers to rejuvenate their facial appearance.

During the procedure, Dr. Ashraf injects filler into the skin to fill in the facial wrinkles and help people obtain a refreshed, younger appearance. Through injectable dermal fillers, Ashraf Plastic Surgery also enhances shallow contours, plump thin lips, and softens facial creases.

What Can Dermal Fillers Do?

Dermal fillers help to reduce facial lines and restore the fullness and the volume of the face. Fillers also work to improve wrinkles. People who want to reconstruct contour deformities in their face can also consider opting for dermal fillers.

Dr. Ashraf has years of experience of offering dermal fillers in areas including Woodbridge, Alexandria VA, and Fairfax. For any question regarding fillers call at 703-832-4000 / 301-232-3000 or book an appointment online.