Brazilian Butt Lift

Whether you need bigger gluteal profile or looking forward to get dramatic results immediately, consider getting Brazilian Butt lift from Dr. Azra Ashraf. You will cherish the results throughout your life.
Brazilian Butt Lift - Dr Ashraf

Look full – Look BIG! Brazilian Butt Lift is the next big thing!

A Brazilian butt lift involves transferring fat to increase the fullness and the projection of the buttocks. Dr. Azra Ashraf is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering Brazilian butt lift in Fairfax VA, Rockville MD and throughout the DC region. The goal of the Brazilian butt lift is to help people to improve the balance of their figure and enhance their self-image and confidence.


The primary purpose of buttock lift or Brazilian butt lift is to improve the appearance of the buttocks. The process can also be a part of a tummy tuck or lower body lift in which the surgeon contours the groin, buttocks, abdomen, or thighs.

Fat is liposuctioned from undesirable areas of the body (such as abdomen, thighs, and back), prepared and injected into the buttocks. A secondary gain is contouring and slimming of the donor or fat harvest areas.

Why It’s Done

Individuals who desire fuller and more projected buttocks are excellent candidates.

Dr. Ashraf offers this Brazilian Butt Lift to her patients in Fairfax VA, Rockville MD and other places throughout the DC region. She customizes her surgery to meet their goals. Call at 703-832-4000 / 301-232-3000 to fix your meeting with Dr. Azra Ashraf or book an appointment online.