Recovery Timeline and Aftercare Tips for Blepharoplasty

admin 2021-10-18 06:16:01 1 year ago

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is an outpatient cosmetic treatment that helps you retain your youthful appearance by eliminating extra skin and fat around the eyes. Although most individuals experience a relatively short downtime, the duration may vary. There are plenty of factors that imp...

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Debunking the Five Myths Associated with Breast Reconstruction

admin 2021-10-05 07:18:35 1 year ago

The top-notch plastic surgeons utilize breast implants to create reconstructed breasts after mastectomy - the procedure that aims to eliminate the natural tissues or cancerous tumors. Now there are plenty misconceptions about breast reconstruction and the following write-will clarify most of them. 1.Breas...

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