Hair Transplant Surgery Aftercare: A Systematic Guide

admin 2019-12-31 05:34:09 3 years ago

From among the varied cosmetic treatments that modern-day individuals have been undertaking, hair transplantation is considered most popular. It could be defined as a procedure of removing hair follicles from one body part, known as the donor site, and inserting them into another body part, known as the reci...

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Top Secrets to Award Yourself With Amazing Christmas Look!

admin 2019-12-20 06:05:15 3 years ago

Jingle bells are ringing!! The snowy roads and the chilled breeze…all are ready to wish you a merry Christmas. But are you among them who are still searching for the keys to look flawless on this special day?   Starting from the home remedies from granny’s old book to over the counter aesthe...

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Going for a Breast Augmentation

admin 2019-12-02 05:38:40 3 years ago

Women, who are unfortunately not well endowed with volume and form on their breast, augmentation mammoplasty, a cosmetic treatment that aims at making breasts rounder, perkier, smoother, and altogether more aesthetically appealing, seems like a viable option. If you have decided to go under the knife, make s...

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